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Welcome to India Center!

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Message from Siddhartha Basu, President of India Center of Westchester.

Dear India Center Members, Well Wishers, and Patrons, I wish you, your family and friends a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful year ahead. Thank you for your inspiration and support of our Center. India Center of Westchester, with over 450 families as its members, is the largest community organization in the area and we are continuing to grow. Many of you have visited the center for instructional classes for your children. It is heartening to see the center bustling with activity especially at the weekends with children and adults meeting and greeting each other and expanding their social circle. We are one large extended family speaking many different languages and comparing notes on life in general. Apart from socio cultural activities, our members are actively involved in charitable organizations. Our periodic food, bone marrow, coat and toys drive give the community more reasons to meet and work to make this world a better place for all of us. With your inspiration and support, we are becoming more compassionate, caring, and connected than ever before.

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Welcome Home!

By your presence here today, you have demonstrated that you are a person with an abiding sense of cultural curiosity and intellect. You appreciate the good things in life, are socially adventurous, a person of culture, and probably a lover of the arts. Chances are you are also probably a person of Indian origin, though you don't have to be. Welcome to our home!

Our objectives!

Help to meet objectives

  • Keep our culture alive
  • Contribute to our community
  • Be proud of our ethnicity
  • Reflect India's social, cultural and religious diversity

What is 'IndiaCenteritis'?

'IndiaCenteritis' is a movement that is rapidly sweeping through the Indian American community in Westchester and beyond. Exposure has been known to cause overt demonstrations of enthusiasm, of community pride and a feeling of camaraderie seldom witnessed in the Indian American community.

'IndiaCenteritis' is catching!

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  3. Volunteer your time and talent
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