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Welcome to India Center!

India Center of Westchester seeks to marshal and centralize the rich heritage that is India, its diverse religions, it's extensive and colorful cultural diversity and give it a home in the Tri-State area.

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Indian Americans of NY & CT!
Welcome Home!

By your presence here today, you have demonstrated that you are a person with an abiding sense of curiosity, intellectual and cultural. You appreciate the good things in life, are socially adventurous, a person of culture, and probably a lover of the arts. Chances are you are also probably a person of Indian origin, though you don't have to be. Welcome to our home!

Our objectives!

Help to meet objectives

  • Keep our culture alive
  • Contribute to our community
  • Be proud of our ethnicity
  • Reflect India's social, cultural and religious diversity

What is 'IndiaCenteritis'?

'IndiaCenteritis' is a movement that is rapidly sweeping through the Indian American community in Westchester and beyond. Exposure has been known to cause overt demonstrations of enthusiasm, of community pride and a feeling of camaraderie seldom witnessed in the Indian American community. Cases have been reported in abundance among the members of India Center.

'IndiaCenteritis' is catching!

Do you want it? Here's how!

  1. Get involved in India Center
  2. Participate in activities
  3. Volunteer your time and talent
  4. Sponsor Events
  5. Spread the word